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Us with Suzanne Whang

**Update:  Due to the incredibly quick turnaround on our house to close by the end of the year, we weren't able to get the House Hunters crew out.  It was a good idea though!**
Those who know us know that we're huge fans of HGTV.  We watch all of the home improvement shows and have even met Suzanne Whang in person!  Yep, we're geeks.  What better way to cap off buying your first home that for it to be featured on House Hunters?   So I filled out and submitted the biggest, most elaborate and detailed application to PieTown Productions that I could, and received this:

Dear Michael and Emily,

Hi! Thank you for submitting an online application for House Hunters.  My name is Patrick and I'm a segment producer with Pie Town Productions.
I'll explain how our show works briefly. Because the actual process of finding a home can take many months or even years we don't follow potential home-buyers.  Our show documents the story of buying a home by recreating that journey with buyers who have recently purchased a house.
So, to be eligible for House Hunters you need to have recently bought a home, but not yet moved in.  We'll film you in your old house, and film you touring your new house along with two other houses you might have considered.  We'll return later to film again once you've settled in the new place.  The audience will enjoy hearing the many emotional and practical reasons that made you want to move and how those emotions changed through the process. They will also be in suspense about which house you did actually buy, revealed at the end of the show.
I'd like to ask a few questions.  What is your time frame for buying a home? Do you have a goal date?  What about a date for being moved in?
Please keep in touch as you grown nearer to purchasing a home.  If your timing fits ours (we're busing preparing over 100 episodes by next summer)I'd love to feature you on House Hunters.
Thanks again for your interest and good luck house hunting!
Yours truly,
Patrick Vukovich